The Bushy Beaver Bar


2nd Street NW Big FallsMN  56627
The Bushy Beaver This bar was built in 1906 so there is some really cool character. The main bar area has a kitchen in the back with a old log bar to eat around. There is also an island with lights above to eat at. There is a propane fireplace, but the furnace will get it plenty warm. Upstairs there are 4 bedrooms with one queen and 3 double beds. Washer and dryer is upstairs also. When you walk upstairs as you go in you will feel a slight unevenness with a slant to one side when you walk in. I don't notice it anymore, but after 100 years this would be expected. There is a park across the way for kids, but mostly this place is for adults. The property is not child proof and probably not the best for toddlers. This is more of an adult setting, but great for taking young kids hunting since we do have video games and pool table.